We have a herd of about 50 (mainly) pedigree Dexter cattle on our small, organically managed farm in North East Fife near St.Andrews. Our Dexter beef is certified as being 100% Grass Fed by the Pasture for Life Association (see our Pasture for Life page here ) and we are Organically certified by the Soil Association.

Dexter cattle are a small, hardy, native Irish breed of cattle (descended from the small, black cattle of the Celts) and produce delicious, juicy and highly marbled beef. Our cattle spend their entire lives outside – so much more healthy for the animals – where they graze in our clover, herbal and wildflower rich pastures and woodlands during the summer and eat our own hay during the winter.

Our cattle are 100% Grass (or pasture) fed throughout their entire life – all they ever eat is our grass, clovers, herbs, wildflowers, and, when they are in our woodlands, leaves from the trees. They are allowed to grow slowly and naturally – always outside in the fresh air – on a 100% natural pasture based diet. In winter, they continue to live outside and eat hay and haylage which we make from our summer pastures.

Being organic means that we don’t apply any chemicals or sprays to our pastures so our Dexter beef is as about as natural that you can get. Farming organically is also great for birds, bees and other insect pollinators. Sometimes our fields contain ‘weeds’ such a dandelions, thistles and docks – but that isn’t a problem as bees and other insects love the thistle and dandelion flowers, the deep rooting docks bring up lots of important minerals from deep in the soil and our Dexter cattle eat all the dandelions, thistles and docks!

Dexter cattle grazing on a beautiful summer afternoon.
Dexter cattle deep in a field of grass, chicory and clover.

Clover – a natural nitrogen fixer and one of the keys to organic farming.
Chicory in flower – air was filled with the sounds of bees and other pollinating insects.